Big Old House for Sale

Large traditional townhouse for sale in the heart of rural Spain. House (200m2 downstairs laid out with various rooms, 200 m upstairs which is completely undeveloped and therefore a blank canvas ready for your ideas) plus an annex (40m2 with water and electric) and huge barns (300 m2 in total).

While the house is perfectly habitable and is a permanent home to the current owners, it needs some TLC and repair.

Big Traditional Spanish Townhouse for Sale

We are selling our large, grand traditional Spanish townhouse in the heart of rural Spain.

The House

We currently live on the ground floor of the house with the upstairs completely undeveloped (with the potential to create much more living space). The footprint of the ground floor alone is about 200 sq meters.

The house is packed full of character, with original boveda ceilings (some of which with hand painted designs) and original hydraulic tiled floors.

There are 9 large rooms on the ground floor, plus 3 bathrooms, which we currently have set up as follows:

In addition to this, we have a large annex of about 40 square meters, which is currently used as a craft workshop, plus three large barns which are undeveloped (total of around 300 square meters), patio and sun terrace.

Outside, in addition to the patio, we have a large corral where a little work on the overgrown weeds will uncover the fact we have a variety of fruit trees.

Building Work

In 2009, we had the roof of the house, the annex and the two large barns reroofed. We also had much of the house replastered and new drainage installed.

We had the patio created and tiled, and the three bathrooms installed. We have receipts and permits for the building work completed.

However, since 2009, we have done little work on the house. This, mixed with the fact we rescue blind and deaf dogs and cats, and often have a very large four-legged family living with us at any one time, means that the house is now showing very visible signs of wear and tear!

The house is comfortably habitable as it is – the big thick walls mean we have lovely cool rooms in the summer and not-to-chilly rooms in the winter. But there is work that needs to be done. Some of the door frames and the windows need replacing. The doors and door frames were produced by different carpenters, and the frames were of substandard timber.

Several walls need replastering and repainting. The walls around the patio need rerendering and repainting.

The Potential

So, we’ve mentioned there’s work to be done – but that’s to keep the house as it is – a grand family home. There is, however, so much more potential. The upstairs of the house and barns are undeveloped and are really a big blank canvas for you to create something wonderful with. The rooms downstairs can be reconfigured in a whole variety of ways, to create the living or working environment you need.

A 600MBPS fibre line makes remote working a real possibility.

This Part of Spain

The house is situated in a small but thriving village. While the village is small (around 1,000 inhabitants), you will find an infant and primary school, good selection of bars, a library, supermarkets, pharmacy and other essential stores, traditional bakery, swimming pool and sports hall – and a doctor where you can turn up and see him any morning (really!). However, these are not like a traditional British high street, the shops are often hidden away down little village streets.

The nearest town, Llerena (home of one of the headquarters of the Spanish Inquisition and packed full of history), has train and bus station, plus a well featured hospital (which we have used and cannot speak highly enough of the service and conditions), two high schools, bigger supermarkets and, of course, all the other things you would expect in a town of that size (6k people).

The next biggest town is Zafra (16k inhabitants) and after that, of course, there are the large cities of Badajoz and Seville, each a little over an hour from the house.


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